Background Removal

Why You Should Avail Our Professional Background Removal Service?

Through the groundbreaking background removal service that we offer, you can get the background removed from any and as many images with the best turnaround time. By availing our service, we guarantee that you will receive image perfection once we are done working any image you provide us. We can take on all kinds of jobs, no matter how custom the editing, no matter how much the volume, no matter how specific the requirements.

A Brief Overview Of Background Removal
Background removal involves cutting out or removing the background from a photo while keeping the subject of the photo. Our designers produce fine and hard edges of the image by using clipping paths. Most people want the background removed from product photos so they can be used in a catalog and/or e-commerce website. Removing the background of an image can complete change its look and can bring the product into focus, making it more enticing and eye-catching.

Some tools that our designers use to remove the background images include:

= Background Eraser Tool
= Channel Mask
= Color Path or Multiple Clipping Paths
= Pen Tool

background removal

What Are The Benefits Of Our Professional Background Removal Service?

Efficient & Speedy
You probably do not want your designers to be occupied with monotonous or tiresome jobs that involve removing backgrounds from images. Through the service that we offer, costs for your business will be reduced and the efficiency of your business will increase. We possess all the necessary resources, so it will not take us more than a couple of hours to get the job done. When it comes to photo retouching, we complete most jobs within 2 to 3 days after the processing of your order.

We Do Not Take Shortcuts
It will not matter how many images you have, we guarantee that we will do the job professionally and promptly. Regardless of the size of the job that you have for us, we will show great attention to detail when removing the background from each image. You can always inform us if we have not done a satisfactory job. When you avail our service, we will do our best to ensure that you get your money’s worth.

Images Will Look Professional, After We Have Removed The Background
It is a fact that when your product photos look cleaner once the background has been removed, your products will look better and will sell better. Better product photos can help improve your catalog and e-commerce business. With our help, you will be able to get there cost-effectively and rapidly. All of our designers are highly-skilled and out technology is revolutionary so the results will exceed your expectations.

No Resolution Loss
We construct our clipping masks in a 400% zoomed-in environment, so every detail of the foreground of a photo will be preserved when you send it to us to get the background removed. Your images will be returned to you in TIFF format to prevent the loss of information and/or resolution.

We Will Add Final Touches
After we have made the mask and removed the background, we will make your images appear realistic as if they were taken in a professional studio by adding artificial shadows. Whitespace cushioning will also be added around the product if necessary to make it look cleaner rather than crammed.

We Can Style Your Images
If your company follows a style guide for your product photos, send it over to us along with the images. We will remove the background, edit and style them accordingly. Our designers are capable of adding shadows, adjusting colors, cropping, doing logo overlays, and the list goes on.

Select A Suitable File Format
Depending on the needs of your company, we can send you the completed images with the backgrounds removed in a wide range of file formats. For instance, we can deliver an original image that still has an alpha mask and/or clipping path attached to it. Similarly, we can also send you flattened .jpg and/or .png images that will be ready for your store and will allow you to save space. We can also comply with specific file size limits as well.

We will provide you the finest background removal service. The task of cutting out the background from an image in a proper way and maintaining the higher quality of the image is not an easy task, but we manage to achieve it each and every time.


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