Clipping Mask

For Your Best Clipping Path Services or clipping mask. Layer masking is one of the most popular image conversion methods that are used for more compound images where clipping path alone is not enough. Clipping mask needs to be added. This layer masking system contains a black and white layer mask that ensures the visibility or invisibility of an image or a part of it. It is one of the photo editing services we offer here at The black and white layer mask is used to hide some part of an image or to make it visible, clear, transparent, translucent, semi-transparent, or lucid. The white part of the mask reveals the pixels whereas the black part of the mask hides the layered part in clipping mask

Clipping mask path asia

The best part of using layer masking is that it is not destructive when clipping masking. It means, there is no unredeemable change done to an image in it. Clipping Path and clipping masking are among the most common and popular techniques used by the graphic professionals in our company. Neither the visible part nor the hidden part is changed that much drastically that it can’t be recovered ever. As professionals we know how to do this very well to give you a quality work. There is no certain omission of the pixels rather it leaves just a mask on images which can be easily removed whenever required and recovered the original image immediately.

It is mostly used for advertisement display for e-commerce websites or other business purposes by pulling out backgrounds of sophisticated images and used the product images separately. Our clipping mask services will give your business the needed boost. Therefore, in product photography, poster making industry, online markets, modeling, film industry, layer masking and clipping masking are one of the most necessary editing without which they can’t run their advertising and branding chain.

Clipping Path versus clipping mask

Clipping path is an image cutting technique done with image editing software. Usually it is a vector masking technique of photo editing that helps the user to cut out a part of 2D and 3D images and use it for various purposes like graphics. Graphic design is the main promotional key in every spare of business and individual life. That is why we offer clipping masking to businesses. Business organizations seek graphic tools to have publicity by dint of web pages, billboard, newsletters, catalogs, blogs, magazines, store directories, logos, banners, leaflets, flyers, galleries, posters and ads. Individuals hunt such service to meet different specious motive for their business. For example with clipping masking one can easily get bulk photographs printed using graphic design using Photoshop in a very cost effective manner instead of going to a studio with negative film that may not be used. Different plug-ins, apps, filters, software, gradients and other options in graphic design makes any object alive and beautiful.

However, to perform clipping masking, an image cutting may never brings any change to the original piece. Relatively the original image is intact and clipping path creates a mask around the intended part of the original image. As it is done using a closed vector path or shape that can be drawn either clockwise or anti-clockwise as the paths are generally defined by the directions of the paths when it is clipping masking. On the other hand, the anti-clockwise path is called “exclusive path”, while anything outside the path will be present and the inclusive part of the path will omitted from the final results.

Generally, Adobe Photoshop, photo scape, Illustrator, Picassa are the most used software for omitting backgrounds, clipping masking, making images translucent or for applying photo masking by using clipping path. This is  the best services you can get from us. Nevertheless, when you have compound images it is used for color correction or clipping masking. It is universally popular in online marketing, graphic design, digital photography and photo studios, modeling centers, newspapers, newsletters, magazine and publishing company use this technology for their products. We can give clipping mask and other photo editing services at an affordable rate.


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