How to upload images

you can upload your image below methods. its very easy to use. if you have any problem regarding upload images. just contact us though email or phone.


Use Dropbox to upload your images

Dropbox will provide you upto 2GB data transfer. You could upload your images on your account and send us the link. You could use our default account to upload your images also. you can checkout how dropbox works


Use faster WeTransfer to send your images

Use to send your images. Just upload your images file to WeTransfer. That will provide you a link for share or you can sent us directly to our email WeTransfer allow you to upload 2 GB file maximum. checkout how wetransfer works


Upload via FTP

You could upload your files via ftp. this is fast way to transfer images. you can use filezilla to transfer files. Email us at for ftp access. Within 10 mins we will reply and give you the ftp user access. check out ftp tutorial

You can use any kind of file transfers website like hightail, google drive etc. Use for any support
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